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Higher Motorsport

Higher Motorsport is a car club based in New York that spans to throughout the tri-state area. Higher Motorsport is based around an enhanced social experience as that is what most car clubs these days seem to lack, a social connection. Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone knows eachother and that we all can have a great time no matter what it is we are doing. There is something wonderful about surrounding yourself with people that share the same passions as yourself, and we encourage our members to always everyone feel like family. After all, we are all heare to share our passions, experiecne, knowledge and to have a great time no matter where we go. Wherever we go, whatever we do, everything revolves around Motorsport. Motorsport is the religion we live by.

The Car Club

Our car club consists of cars from different brands and models, but we like to keep the line up looking pristine. Our members go through a short review process, however only mint vehicles can receive an official Higher Motorsport number.
Our club prides itself on the enhanced social experience, and we encourage our members to come out to every meet that we host. Our Higher Motorsport notification network currently has over 200 members spanning throughout NY/NJ/CT/PA. We intentd on expanding throughtout the United States and we will begin with Florida as our next point. If you are in a different state and interested in planting Higher Motorsport roots contact us.
We are currently in the process of getting our website and social outlets fully operational. We will soon have official Higher Motorsport gear for sale which will include shirts, hoodies, gloves, etc.
Higher Motorsport vehcles that wear an official Higher Motorsport number expresses how proud we are to have that vehicle in out line up. Higher Motorsport also has two themes, our Motorsport theme which is the classic blue purple and red scheme for BMW Motorsport. Our second theme is red gold and green for our vehicles that are non BMW’s. We do not discriminate at Higher Motorsport and all brands of cars are welcome to join, and this theme is the very symbol of this. We also will have these two themes reflected in our merchandise when it becomes available.

The Business

Higher Motorsport also aims to supply its members with official Higher Motorsport gear as well as the appropriate security equipment and the newest technology to protect themselves against the unkown. We are currently working to become authorized distributors for two companies. Our online store should become live by the end of the first quarter of 2013.
Higher Motorsport works to promote good companies and equipment. If you are a distributor or own something automotive related and are looking for representation on one of our registered cars, we are happy to facilitate it. We offer prootional services that can help stimulate your business.
We currently offer video services, photography services, art services and live model services. Want a custom video feature of your vheicle or company? Intrested in having a photoshoot to show off your new car or car part? Trying to have a beautiful model to do a photoshoot with your car or product? Ever wanted a custom art piece/drawing of your car? We have all of these covered. Contact us so we can work on getting you what you want.

Higher Motorsport Services

Higher Motorsport is pleased to offer a whole array of personalized/customized services. Higher Motorsport members receive discounts on all services offered.

Professional Photography, prints available in any size/finish + digital copies in various forms (DVD+HDD).
Professional modeling services to suppliment photo/video shoots
Custom artwork, hand paintings of vehicles dont to customer specification, great for gifts.
Event Coordination
Automotive defense consultation
Business/product promotion (we will only promote products that we approve of, all subject to approval)